How To Shoot Sports


     Equipment: Camera Specifications

     Equipment: Lenses

     Equipment: Storage, Bags, Straps, etc.

     Equipment: Camera and Lens Suggestions

     Settings: Auto-Focus

     Settings: Shutter Speed

     Settings: Frames Per Second

     Settings: Aperture

     Settings: ISO

     Settings: Exposure

     Settings: File Types (RAW v JPG)

     Settings: Other Camera Settings

     Settings: Game Day Suggestions

     Game Day: Location and Lighting

     Game Day: Workflow

     Game Day: Safety

     Editing: Types of Shots

     Editing: Software

     Editing: Cataloging Your Photos

     Editing: Cropping and Straightening

     Editing: Exposure Adjustment

     Editing: Keywords and EXIF Data

     Editing: Watermarking and Exporting

     Editing: Backups

     Sharing: Social Media, Websites, and Products

     Education: Where to Learn More

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